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Typographic Art in Storytelling

Concrete Poetry – A form of poetry where the typographical layout and placement is important to the meaning. While the term may be coined in the 1950s, Concrete Poetry goes back as far as Greek Alexandria. In 2001, I read House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, which uses elements of Concrete Poetry to add […]



Frozen and Mental Illness

I’m aware it’s been a couple years since this movie came out but I feel like I’m explaining this to too many people and it would just be easier to have an article I can give them. Okay, so Frozen! I love that movie and it is wonderful and I sing along to the songs […]



Hypocrites and Problematic Faves

I’m a bad feminist. I care about women’s issues and I do notice sexist crap, but I’m much more likely to shake my head and roll my eyes if I like everything else about the person/movie/game/etc being sexist. I won’t deny myself time with someone I enjoy based solely on their problematic views on equality, […]

Everything is a Reference to Something